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Top News:

Roy and I are about 60% complete in putting together what is becoming a truly amazing instruction video on the Jumpshot! What we have shot so far is really beyond anything I could have expected! Check out the preview! We are taking Pre-Orders, details on DVD page.

Hudson celebrated his first B-day! Some pictures of the little guy in the "Photo-gallery" (pardon our pixels...still Under Connstruction."

Speaking of which, my Website getting a complete facelift. My Webmaster (husband, Roy) is only charging Robin's Pro Shop, a new computer, camera, video equipment and everything else that Fry's Electronics sells!


The "original" Ulti-Mate tip tool is BACK with 4 NEW COLORS! Great price! Get'em while their HOT!

Frog and Tadpoles have NEVER sold below $79.95! I am offering them 20% off for June!


Free Shipping (US only) if Your Total Order is Over $75.00!

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